Since this is my first post I will began with my "Shout Outs", which I will probably do often b/c I believe in giving "props" where they are due! I want to shout out  MY HEART... "The Sultri Lounge" ..and Family ( BossMan, Allison, Gee Gee, Jahee, Corey, Jessica, Ant, Tory, Courtney, Wade)... Thanks SO much for hanging in there!! The Sultri Lounge is Closed right now BUT I will keep you posted on the RE-Opening date! Shout outs to ALL the Supporters of  The Sultri Lounge.. without you ESP our "Professional Therapy Thursday" Crew, we would not have made it this far!

Shout Out to "Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship" .. where im ALWAYs Fed Spiritually... Love ya Pastor Operaton and Mrs. Operaton.. Please Join us EVERY Sunday @ 10 a.m... located on MLK Dr.

Shout Out to My Friends and Family Near and Far.. and To my Godson Jeremiah... Love yall! A SPECIAL Shout out to one of my BEST Friends student Dr. Teneshia "Tina" ... she will be graduating from Meharry Medical College (Dental Program) May 2010.. i'm sooo proud of you!! 

Shout Out to my Facebook Friends, Meridian High Class of 2000( wait im telling my age.. lol)!!

Shout Out to The University of Southern Mississippi.. I will be DONE with you SOON(Thank you JESUS) LOL... "Southern Miss To The Top"!!

Ummm Let's see.... oh yeah Shout out to Where ever I Feed my face later today! Lol! Okay that will be all for now!

Everybody have a GREAT and Productive Day ... Talk to you soon!

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